Solufeed Strawberry Special

Low-nitrogen protected soft fruit fertilizer for use where the balance of nitrogen (N) comes from calcium nitrate and/or nitric acid.

One of a range of specific feeds designed to cater for exact crop needs.


In many parts of the country, the water supply is either low in calcium (Ca) or has a high pH or both. To grow soft fruit successfully, it is necessary to feed calcium nitrate to provide the calcium, and/or use nitric acid to correct the water pH. Both these inputs contain nitrogen and if these inputs are being used it is easy to over-feed the nitrogen resulting in an over-vigorous, leafy crop and soft fruit.

Strawberry Special is a fully water soluble NPK fertilizer designed with a low nitrogen (N) content and intended to be used in conjunction with calcium nitrate and/or nitric acid. The nitrogen content of the calcium nitrate and/or nitric acid supplies much of the nitrogen the plant needs, andStrawberry Special provides the rest. When feeding calcium nitrate and/or nitric acid, it is often necessary to reduce the level of the NPK feed to maintain an acceptable fertilizer concentration (EC level) in the irrigation water andStrawberry Special is designed to accommodate this.

Designed for the vegetative growth stage of the crop (up to flowers visible). For the fruiting stages add Solupotasse(extra soluble potassium sulphate) to raise potassium (K) levels and produce large, firm and sweet fruit.


Prevents excess nitrogen in the feed (excess nitrogen = excess leaf growth & soft fruit).

Provides sufficient trace elements even when used at reduced rates to stay within EC tolerances of the crop.

Contains the correct balance of nutrients to ensure healthy crops and firm sweet fruit.

Low EC formulation for crop to tolerate addition of calcium nitrate and/or nitric acid feeds.

Single product to use all season - supplement with Solupotasse in the fruiting phase of the crop.


2:9:29+8 MgO  + TE


Nutrient Content (%)
Total nitrogen (N) of which 2.2
- NO3-N   1.6
- NH4-N 0.6
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 9.2 (P:4)
Potassium oxide (K2O) 29.0 (K:24)
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 8.9 (Mg:5.6)
Boron (B)  soluble in water  0.03
Copper (Cu) (as EDTA) 0.03
Iron (Fe) (as EDTA)


Manganese (Mn) (as EDTA) 0.17
Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water  0.008
Zinc (Zn) (as EDTA) 0.14
Calculated EC at 1 gram per litre 1.23 mS

Pack Size

20 kg sack, 50 per pallet.