Other Feeds

A range of water-soluble fertilizers with various analyses to suit different situations. Not normally stock items but made to order.


Enables the selection of a water soluble fertilizer to closely match the needs of crop and growing conditions.

Includes zero phosphate feeds which are economical and ideal for most soil grown crops where there is adequate soil levels of phosphate.


  • Produced from high quality raw materials and to rigid quality assurance standards of ISO 9001/2008.
  • Completely and readily soluble easy to use water soluble powder.
  • Magnesium, vital for quality crop production, is incorporated.
  • Chelated micronutrients ensure stable solutions and availability to the plant.
  • Contains blue indicator dye.


Product name  Analysis  Uses 

Solufeed 1:0:2

16:0:34 NPK + 3 MgO + TE For soil grown salad crops etc. 
Solufeed 1:0:3  13:0:39 NPK + 3 MgO + TE  For soil grown fruiting crops etc.
Solufeed 0:1:3  0:15:40 NPK + 3 MgO + TE  Where N is supplied by other sources eg calcium nitrate
Solufeed 1:1:3 12:12:36 NPK + 1 MgO +TE  For soft fruit, flowers etc.
Solufeed 1:0:1 26:0:26 NPK + 1 MgO + TE 

For many soil grown crops including cucurbits.

Solufeed 2:1:2 18:7:18 NPK + 3 MgO + TE For a wide range of crops.
Solufeed 5:1:5 22:4:22 NPK + 2.5 MgO + TE  Bedding plant production in the Spring time. 
  Solufeed 0:10:45 0:10:45 NPK + 1 MgO + TE High K to help winter survival in nursery stock.


Please contact Solufeed for more information about these products and our made to order, bespoke service.